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Our Digital Video Recorder are really SMART, they can be set-up to be accessible over the Internet...


Not only High Resolutions is important in cameras, but the quality and STRONG construction to give...


When your needs demand speed and Pan Tilt Zone, our SPEED dome are the answer in every conditions...


We continuously search worldwide and SIGHT for the ideal complements in security business to reduce cost, risk and...

New Security's Trend

  • George Mendez President - CEO
    We are doing our best, and every day more.
    We take surveillance and security very serious, now more than before. Because our main concern is the best satisfaction of our customers and to give...

You Can Trust Our Experience

Security is not secure.

It is a philosophic principle that means we have to work together in order to get a quite piece of tranquility. In the actual world we have to try see everything and miss nothing with all the devices, software and people we can access to improve the surveillance, not only the money can get but the common sense order to us.

Since many years ago we created and develop an enterprise involved in consulting activities in many fields and countries; slowly we acquire experience and tricks that only the years can offer to you, and that experience had been evolving not only in the mind but in the practice.

We worked for security development in the heart of the organizations not matter the field, financial,  corporate, middle or small size, looking to avoid intrusions in edge or into pc’s and was the reason that this company start, to supply the very best of the field you need, the CCTV.



High Resolution Cameras

In a world where the cheapest products in surveillance try to get more market share, we look out for the most affordable price with the best features, specially in high-resolution to better watch the environment and people who try to steal or damage our properties and the people we care for. We can see and record even the most minimal detail for accurate identification.

Specialty Cameras

Our specialty cameras provide more solutions for your enterprise and personal benefits. Not only the normal cameras, but specialty other ones that let us go at many miles than never can image, using special filters and stabilizer hence you can record, detect and identified without any risk, in all types of weather conditions.

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